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If I Were a Horse

If I were a horse,
I'd run in a race and win a golden medal.
My owner would be proud of me and say, "Good job!"

I'd help people find the way home to their other pets and
family, too.

I'd let adults and kids ride on me, but if they should pull my
tail I'd be walking by.

Kayla - Clayton Elementary School


Myself Poem

My hair is like a pool of soft fur.
My arms are like swingy vines.
My fingers are short and thick.
My head is bigger than the sun.
My heart holds love that is as red as an apple.
I live in an RV
and eat apples all day.

Matt - Clayton Elementary School


My hair is like a wolf's dark coat.
My eyes are like a fox's stare.
My hands are like a snake's back.
My mouth is like a bear trap.
My heart holds anger that is black as a panther.
I live in your mind and eat your feelings.

Jason - Neenah

If I Were a Cat...

If I were a cat,
I'd glow my eyes all night long,
and prowl around the house looking for mice.

I'd sleep during the day,
and chase birds away from the window.

I'd eat only in the morning and at night,
and listen carefully when my name is being called.

Maggie - Neenah


My hair is as straight as a still tree.
My eyes are dark as in the night.
My feet are as big as a coffee can.
My teeth are as sharp as a dragon's claw.
My heart holds caring and friendliness
that is red as a warm blanket.
I live in a bedroom and eat paper.

Feng - Clayton Elementary School

If I Were a Star

If I were a star,
I'd look down on you when
you're sleeping and be your friend.
I'd comfort you when you're down,
pick you up, and take you for a ride.
I'd cover you in a blanket of stars so you would never be lonely.

Lisa - Clayton Elementary School


My hair is like a fox's soft tail.
My eyes are like blue sapphires.
My nose is like a hill all by itself.
My heart holds love and caring
that is red like a paper heart.
I live in a warm house and eat pizza.

Andrew - Neenah

If I Were a Bird

If I were a bird,
I'd fly so high I would touch
the sky and sing the most
beautiful songs in the world.
I'd fly into open windows
and cheer up
children that are sad.
I'd be a fun bird,
not a mad bird.
I'd be a red cardinal,
and that's what I
would be.

Jen - Clayton Elementary School



My hair is like a wild jungle.
My ears are like Dumbo The Flying Elephant.
My fingers are as big as my model car.
My tongue is like a bee buzzing.
My heart holds happiness that is red as red, hot lava.
I live in a mansion and eat slimy foods.

Matt - Clayton Elementary School

If I Were a Book

If I were a book, I would eat
the words and make book
friends. I would make the
library a peaceful place
where there are no wars or
no fights. I would not leave
anybody out because
everybody would be invited.

Rebecca - Neenah


My hair is like a whirlpool that spins in the ocean.
My ears are like ice that feel very cold.
My eyes are colored green like that of a cat.
My nose is like a pine tree.
My heart holds happiness that is yellow as the moon.
I live in a boxing arena and eat the colored ropes.

Ben - Clayton Elementary School

If I were Immortal

If I were immortal, I'd do whatever I could.
I'd help myself and others just like they should.
I'd whine, hope and try...
not to be confused.
I'd see the world, find myself, and run straight through
time's fuse.

Bryan - Clayton Elementary School

Self-Portrait Poem

My hair is like a split-end thread.
My eyes are like a brown cat's fur.
My body is as slender as a pencil's lead.
My fingers are as dainty as a kitten's tiny paw.
My heart holds happiness that is ruby-red and as gold as can be.
I live in a tree as a cat
and eat cherries with bird souffles.

Nicole - Clayton Elementary School

My Cat Named Mouse

Mouse's tail is like a floating feather, landing on earth
without a sound.
Mouse's claws are like a sharp needle cutting a log.
Mouse's cries are like the winter wind blowing hard.
Mouse's hiss is like a snake's bite.
Mouse's heart holds love and is red as a fireplace's calm flame.
She lives in a hole alone with no light and eats nightmares
that scare people with fright.
Matt - Clayton Elementary School

If I Were A Dragon

If I were a dragon,
I'd be red like fire,
blue like the sky,
and black like the night.

I'd breath fire,
be as big as an elephant,
and be as long as the Empire State Building.

I'd live in the sky,
eat blue birds,
and swallow passing planes.

Dylan - Clayton Elementary School


My toes are so smelly they are like the smell of an
elephant that has not taken a bath for six years.

My manners are as proper as if
you just met Queen Elizabeth II.

My ears are as big as Dumbo's.

My eyes are as watery as a river.

My heart contains blood vessels, veins, and oxygen
that are a reddish-pink color.

I live in Lala Land and eat whatever I want.

Aaron - Neenah

If I Were a Hamburger...

If I were a hamburger,
I'd get ketchup on me all the time.
I'd get bitten into when I am sleeping on a dime.
I'd get burnt in the oven when the cooks forget about me.
Oh, do I really wish that I was NOT a hamburger?

Alex - Neenah


My hair is like cat fur.
My hands are like a silky, peach dress.
My hands are ticklers for family members.
My eye is a shiny, blue sky.
My heart holds love, caring,
and nourishment that is as as red as a rose.
I live in God's words and eat white bread and wine.

Claire - Clayton Elementary School

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