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Last updated:
December 13, 2000.
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Science Sites


Beakman & Jax: From the television show, Beakman's World, come Beakman & Jax! Find out answers to science questions.

Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen: Dozens of science fair projects using common household items.

The BoomerWolf Web Site: A great place to learn all about wolves!

Cells alive!: Descriptions, photos, & downloadable videos of the activities of human cells.

Children's Butterfly Site: A place to see pictures of butterflies and get some answers to frequently asked questions about butterflies & moths.

Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page: Find out all about weather.

Digital Learning Center for Microbial Ecology: Images & descriptions of microbes & their habitats.

Fish FAQ: Answers to commonly asked questions about fish.

How Stuff Works: The name of the site explains it all! Find out how stuff works!

Kapili Research Labs: Great stuff written for kids to understand! Learn about astronomy, biology, chemistry, geography, and physics.

International Year of the Ocean Kids' & Teachers' Corner: A great place to find information about the ocean.

NASA: Home of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Ocean Planet: An exhibition about oceans from the Smithsonian.

Ontario Science Center: Fun and educational.

Sea and Sky: A great place to begin research about life in the ocean.

Science Made Simple: Get great science projects & experiments and clear, detailed answers to common science questions.

United States Environmental Protection Agency Explorers Club: Have fun learning how to keep our environment clean.

Volcano World: Find out all about volcanos.

Web Elements: The periodic table on the WWW. Includes properties and descriptions of all of the elements.

The Why Files: The science, math, engineering, & technology of everyday life.

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet: Visit Worm World, Bug World, & Your Gross & Cool Body.