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If I Were a Desk

If I were a desk, I'd eat up everyone's homework so they would
get in trouble.
I'd go around at night, get a pop from the pop machine, make
some popcorn, and watch a movie.
I'd go back to bed and wait until the next morning.

Matt   -  Clayton Elementary School


My hair is like a lion's flowing mane.
My eyes are like hazel nuts because they are so brown.
My fingers are short and stubby like small dog's tails.
My feet are as big as Big Foot's feet.
My heart holds sadness that is blue as the ocean.
I live in a school and eat knowledge.

Rebecca   -  Neenah

If I Were a Cookie

If I were a cookie,
I'd live in a red cookie jar and be buried with
chocolate chips.
I'd drink milk all day and cream if I may.
I'd make kids' hunger run away, and then I'd see
more friends straight from the store.

Ben   -  Clayton Elementary School


My hair is like scorching flames because it burns and
flows throughout.
My fists are like machines that never die out.
My eyes are innocent and do not care.
My mind is open and burns like a flare.
My heart holds confusion, hate, and innocence that is
as white as a rose.
I live in a maze and eat only what I find.

Bryan   -   Clayton Elementary School

If I Were a Cat

If I were a cat,
I'd run and jump and play.

I'd chase toy mice and catnip balls and laze around all day.
I'd skip school and play the day away.

If I were a cat, I'd do all that . . .
but I am just a girl.

Nicole   -  Clayton Elementary School

If I Were a Hawk

If I were a hawk, I'd glide like the wind.
I'd reach to the stars, and my sight would be as sharp as a needle.
I'd stretch my wings to the sky, live in a tree, and meet a bug that stares at me.
I'd visit an old friend and call to the quiet sky.
I'd take off when the sun is high.

Matt   -  Clayton Elementary School


My hair is like the bark of a tree.
My eyes are like the rippling ocean water.
My ears are tubes catching sounds.
My nose is a pine tree.
My heart holds anger that is red as a dragon's fire.
I live in nature and eat insects.

Dylan   -  Clayton Elementary School

If I Were a Fairy

If I were a pixie,
I'd be as skinny as a stick
that has just been broken
into three or four pieces.

I'd be filled with so much magic, I would disappear the instant a
living thing more than nine-inches-long appeared.

I'd be as quiet as a mouse who had just eaten five pounds of
cheese and was sleeping like a baby.

Aaron   -  Neenah

Self-Portrait Poem

My ear is like Dumbo's ear so large in size.
My arms are like a monkey's at the zoo.
My legs are as stubby as a bruise.
My head is made out of lettuce.
My heart holds loving, too, that is as yellow as the dew.
I live in an RV and eat burgers all the time.

Alex   -  Neenah

If I Were a Dog

If I were a dog,
I would run like the wind and
jump into the air to
swoosh away all my worries.

I would roll on the floor, and play
tug-of-war, and win every
time I'd play.
Since my muscles are like screws, they
won't come loose when I win.

I would be a dog because dogs
are free . . . free from everything.
They can run wild,
jump around, and play catch

That is why I would be a dog.

Claire   -  Clayton Elementary School

Self-Portrait Poem

My hair feels like my cat's fur when I pet him.
My eyes are like the blue chairs in my class.
My teeth are as white as paper.
My heart is red like a rose.
My heart holds happy feelings like little kids playing in a
park that is pink as Valentine hearts.
I live in a zoo and eat the zoo animal's food.

Kayla   -  Clayton Elementary School

If I Were a Tornado

If I were a tornado,
I'd whirl all day and throw things around.
I'd scare people out of their wits
and blow cows around.
I'd try not to destroy
any towns,
but my wind is
just too

Matt   -  Clayton Elementary School

If I Were a Hawk

If I were a hawk,
I'd fly away from the troubles around me.
I'd soar high above clouds and glide through them
as if they weren't there at all.
I'd fly towards the sun far, far away and never
come back.

Jason   -  Neenah


My hair is like a blonde blizzard.
My legs are like the Mississippi River.
My eyes are like the moon.
My mouth is like a black hole.
My heart holds love that is red as a rose.
I live in a jungle and eat candy.

Maggie   -  Neenah

If I Were An Eagle

If I were an eagle,
I'd soar in the sky.
I'd dive in a great lake and grab a big fish.
I'd flap my wings and fly so high,
I'd could hardly see anything.

Feng   -  Clayton Elementary School

Me, Myself, and I

My hair is like a soft feather falling to the ground.
My hands are like a flower's soft petals.
My eyes are as blue as the ocean.
My smile is as big as the sun.
My heart holds love and kindness that is as
blue as the sky.
I live in a book and eat words.

Lisa   -  Clayton Elementary School

If I Were a Turtle

If I were a turtle,
I'd travel slowly on land
but really fast in water.

I'd be able to live
on land and even in water,
and I would like that flexibility.

I would want to be
a painted turtle so
my belly would be colorful.

Andrew   -  Neenah


My hair is like a river
that will never get tangled.
My eyes are like brown pebbles
on the ground.
My fingers are as so as
a flower's petals.
My ear is as soft as
a baby's bottom.
My heart holds love
and caring
that is red as
a rose.
I live in a backpack
and eat homework.

Jen   -  Clayton Elementary School

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