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Welcome to Parkville, Missouri!

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Information for Residents
Parkville, MO

AMBULANCE: Call 9-1-1 in emergency! MAST responds to Parkville calls.

BOARD OF ALDERMEN MEETINGS: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m., City Hall. Citizens welcome. Also on Channel 2.


CABLE TV: Time Warner, 358-2292 (new service), 358-5444 (service/repair). Channel 2 is Parkville Government Channel.

CITY HALL: 1201 East St. Open Mon-Fri 8-5. Phone 741-7676, FAX 741-0013, E-mail


  William M. Quitmeier, 8804 Melody Dr., 741-7414, Work No. 891-6300, FAX 891-7474.

Aldermen Ward 1:
  Jack Friedman, 7 W. 5th St., 741-2761 (FAX also).
  J.C. "Charlie" Poole, 5211 Bluff Drive, 587-1445.

Aldermen Ward 2:
  David M. McCoy, 5747 Woodhaven Lane, 741-7386, Work No. 556-2881.
  Dave Rittman, 5750 Woodhaven Lane, 741-6428, Work No. 505-1818, FAX 741-1364.

Aldermen Ward 3:
  Marvin Ferguson, 6502 Melody Lane, 741-4242, Work No. 221-1750, FAX 221-4243.
  Linda M. Arnold, 8500 Highridge, 587-0331, Work No. 587-6050.

Aldermen Ward 4:
  Brian Atkinson, 5636 N. Meadow Court, 746-1786, Work No. 358-6111, FAX 358-8518, Pager 757-8021.
  Gerry Richardson, 5607 Spinnaker Pointe, 587-9006, Work No. 880-9800, FAX 880-9898.

Municipal Judge: Sandra P. Ferguson


Representative for District 30:
  Fred Pouche, 573/751-0756, 741-6537.

Representative for District 32:
  Susan Phillips, 573/751-2071, 587-3379.

Senator, District 34:
  Sidney Johnson, 573/751-3750, 1-800/488-0593, 816/253-9248 (home in Agency)


Representative for District 6:
  Pat Danner, 5754 N. Broadway KC 64118, 455-2256.

  Christopher Bond and John Ashcroft:
Rivergate Business Center, 600 Broadway, #420, KC MO 64106, 741-7141.

CITY STICKERS: Will be mailed to residents on current tax list by end of year. New residents and those not on tax list should purchase at City Hall. Motorcycles $2.50; $5 for cars, trucks, buses, motor homes (pro-rated for those who move in after January, penalties for late purchase). Must be affixed to vehicles using spring and fall cleanup collection sites and household hazardous waste collection sites.

COMMITTEES: Citizen involvement encouraged; please call City Hall for Citizen Interest Survey form to indicate where you would like to be involved. Committees and boards include Board of Zoning Adjustments; Channel 2 (Govt. TV Channel); Events; Old Parkville Cemetery; History; Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter; Parks; Planning & Zoning; Nature Sanctuary; Train Depot; Tree Board. All meetings are open to public.

COURTHOUSE: Platte County seat is Platte City. Courthouse number 858-2232.

DOGS AND CATS: Licenses required for dogs 6 mos. or older. $5 if neutered, $10 others (pro-rated for late arrivals; penalties for late purchase). Bring rabies vaccination proof. Renew by May 1st. No license for cats. MAXIMUM of 3 dogs and/or cats. Parkville's Animal Control Code requires dogs to be on leashes; owners must clean up after them.

DRIVER'S LICENSES: Tests and handbook - 310 N.E. Englewood Road, Gladstone (889-3913). Be sure to study before test, even if you're a good driver! Obtain license at 9019 Highway 45, 741-5200/741-7047.

EVENTS: Go to Calendar of Events page.

FARMERS MARKET: In City Parking Lot Saturdays in season, from 6 a.m. to sell-out time, Wednesdays 3 p.m. to sell-out.

FIRE: Call 9-1-1 in emergency! Call Southern Platte Fire Protection District at 741-2900 about burning.

LIBRARIES: Mid-Continent Public, 8815 Hwy.45, 741-4721. Park College Library open to public, 741-2000.

MAIN STREET ASSOCIATION: For historic preservation, economic development. Call 505-2227.


NEWSPAPERS: Platte County Sun-Gazette, 781-1044. Southern Platte Press, 746-4400.

OCCUPATION LICENSES: Required for ALL businesses. Renewable June 1 annually.

PARK UNIVERSITY: 8700 River Park Drive, 741-2000. Call Ext. 6207 and ask about Friends of Park.

PARKS: English Landing Park by river has picnic shelters, boat ramp, playgrounds, grills, walking/jogging trail, softball and soccer fields, gazebo, volleyball, historic Waddell A-Frame Bridge. Reserve shelters at City Hall for a small fee. Adams Park at 13th and Walnut has playground for little ones. Bruce Watkins Park, West St., has basketball hoop. Nature Sanctuary below Riss Lake Dam has trail, waterfall, open-air meeting area. Football for youth played on Pop Warner Football Field on Highway FF.

PARKVILLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Welcomes merchants, employers/employees, developers, citizens.

PARKVILLE COMMUNITY BAND: Call 741-7676 to sign up. Rehearse Tuesday nights at Park College.

PHILHARMONIA OF GREATER KANSAS CITY: Call Park College, 741-2000 for information about performances.

POLICE: Call 9-1-1 in emergency! 741-4454 for other police business. Police Department at 1201 East St. in City Hall. Police will watch your house when you're away if you ask. When police are not in office and you need to have officer respond (non-emergency), call 858-3521.

POST OFFICE: At Highway 9 (East St.) and 1st Street, 1-800-275-8777.

RECYCLING: Collections: First full weekend of month except holidays on E. 6th by soccer field. Newspapers (please remove rubber bands and plastic wrappers, put in paper sacks); Aluminum and tin cans (please rinse); Glass (please remove neck rings, metal labels, rinse, sort into clear, green/blue, brown); Plastic: #1 and #2 with necks; Magazines, catalogs, corrugated cardboard, mixed office paper Household hazardous waste: Call 241-2288. More info or to volunteer - call Gloria Hickman at 741-7061.

SCHOOLS, PUBLIC: Park Hill School District, 741-1521. Parkville children attend Graden Elementary, 741-1531; Lakeview Middle, 741-8665 or Plaza Middle, 741-1511; and Park Hill South High School, 741-3464.

SEWER SERVICE: Billed separately about a month after water bill. (City doesn't own water company).

SHOPS: A list of shops is available at City Hall.

SPORTS: Spectator: Park College, 741-2000, Park Hill High School, 741-1521. Participatory (youth): Southern Platte County Athletic Association, 587-0880; Parkville Panthers (Pop Warner Football), Ray Martin, 587-8721.

TAXES: City real estate and personal property taxes and city sticker fees are billed with county taxes on one bill from Platte County. Call County Assessor, 858-2232, to get on county and city tax rolls.

TRASH PICKUP: City doesn't offer trash hauling at this time. Private companies include: BFI, 281-4343; Blacksher, 891-0861; Deffenbaugh Disposal, (913) 631-2407 or (913) 631-3300; GW Trash, 587-2037.

UTILITIES: Electricity: Kansas City Power & Light, 471-KCPL. Gas: MO Gas Energy, 756-5252 (1-800-582-0000 for emergencies). Telephone: Southwestern Bell: New service, 275-3000. To change service or discuss bills, 1-572-1 plus 1st 3 digits of your number. Repairs (if in line), 1-800/303-1444. Sewer: Parkville City Hall, 741-7676. Water: Missouri American Water Co. (formerly MO Cities Water Co.), 741-2991.

VEHICLE LICENSES: Obtain at fee offices. Take vehicle registration, county tax receipt for previous year (or waiver from county collector, 858-2232), and proof vehicle was inspected and passed (Parkville garages do inspections), proof of insurance. Nearest fee office fee office is 9019 NW 45 Hwy, 741-5200 or 741-7047.

VOTING: Register to vote at Mid-Continent Library, or register by mail (postcards available at City Hall any time it's open). Vote at PARKVILLE CITY HALL, 1201 East St., lower floor.

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