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Main Street Parkville Association

What is the Main Street Parkville Association?

The Main Street Parkville Association (MSPA) was formed in early 1996 to assist with revitalization efforts in downtown Parkville. With technical and resource support from the National Main Street Center, the program takes a self-help stance by coordinating volunteer-based efforts. The MSPA is locally initiated, guided and implemented. To maintain the historic integrity of our riverfront town, economic redevelopment takes place within the context of historic preservation.

For many of us who live in the Northland area, Parkville has become our adopted hometown community. Our hearts broke in 1993 as flood waters filled the English Landing Park and most of the downtown businesses. But the time of flooding has passed, and it is time to get caught up in a different kind of storm--a whirlwind of excitement and volunteer involvement as we work together to help Parkville reach its full potential as a historic riverfront community.

If you were involved in the Main Street Parkville Association in its first year, we thank you for your commitment, and we're sure that you will agree when we say that the MSPA is stronger than ever, and ready to prove that Parkville truly is "Where the Missouri Comes Alive!"

For those of you who might not have been involved in the charter year, we now present another opportunity to play a part in Parkville's evolving history. We are offering you a chance to become a 1997 member of the Main Street Parkville Association, an organization committed to preserving and maintaining the hometown charm of "your" city.

Your involvement in the Main Street Parkville Association will ensure that the community continues to develop and thrive, and that outside visitors and consumers will begin to recognize Parkville for what we already know it to be--a great place not only to shop, dine and unwind, but also to call home.

How is the program funded?

The program is largely funded through Missouri's Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP). For fiscal year 1997, the MSPA is approved to offer a 50% tax credit to eligible donors. Credits are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis to those who donate a minimum of $1,000 cash. The tax credits generated by NAP spur public as well as private financial investment in the program. Membership dues, additional monetary and in-kind donations, and limited grant funding comprise the remainder of the program's revenue. Contributions to the program are tax deductible, as the MSPA is a 501(c)(3) corporation under the auspices of its parent organization, the Parkville Community Development Corporation.

Why should I be involved in the Main Street Parkville Association?

If you live in or near Parkville, chances are you claim it as your hometown. The Main Street Parkville Association gives you an outlet for direct involvement in its welfare. This is your opportunity to be a part of the work and the fun of this hands-on historic preservation project. In the coming year, your financial and volunteer support of the MSPA will help:

And these are just a fraction of the plans we've outlined for 1997!

How can I become involved?

For a $50 contribution, become an individual member of the Main Street Parkville Association and receive a member travel mug as well as the Association newsletter three times a year. You'll also receive special invitations to MSPA banquets and events.

For a $75 contribution, become a family member of the Main Street Parkville Association and receive two member travel mugs, the Association newsletter, invitations to special MSPA banquets and events, and recognize your family members as supporters of the program.

For $100 contribution, become a business member of the Main Street Parkville Association and receive invitations to members-only technical business support workshops, a member decal which identifies your business as a supporter of our revitalization efforts and inclusion in the Parkville gift certificate program.

To become involved, please send your name, address, phone number, and check to:
Main Street Parkville Association
P.O. Box 12291
Parkville, MO 64152

For more information about the Main Street Parkville Association contact Diane Marty, Program Manager, by email:, stop by our office located at 207 Main Street, Suite B, call us at (816)505-2227, or fax us at (816)505-2228.

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